The Story Behind The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze

“Each of Enchant’s light mazes are based on original stories our team of creators dreams up in the Enchant workshop. Inspired by magic and the hope of bringing wonder and happiness to the lives of those who enter our experiences, we develop worlds in which Christmas must be saved, and YOU, a guest of Enchant, are uniquely positioned to do just that.

In The Mischievous Elf, you will be responsible for searching for the missing presents a mischievous little elf named Eddie mistakenly lost in a bout of play.

Enjoy the story, and complete the mission during your visit to Enchant.”

The Mischievous Elf

It was Christmastime at Enchant, and everything was just right. The bright, sun-shining morning found a young elf named Eddie, and his best pal, Sparky, racing through the village. They hopped, skipped, and jumped along the streets, yearning for adventure — and to join in all the Christmas fun… but the big night was approaching fast, and everyone at Enchant was hustling and bustling to get ready.

So instead of more friends to play with, Eddie and Sparky found mischief to get into — filling Coach Donner’s whistle with bubbles, swapping Mrs. Claus’ sugar for salt… and heading outside to play with eight wonderful toys they found in the workshop.

It wasn’t until the next day, when Santa checked his list for the second time, that he realized — the eight wonderful toys, bound for children all around the world, were nowhere to be found.

He asked Eddie and Sparky, but they couldn’t for the lives of them remember where they’d left the toys. So all of Enchant came together to look… but the North Pole was so big, there was no way they would find all the presents in time.

Christmas needs a hero to find those missing presents, and save the most special day of the year.

The Mischievous Elf