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The Enchant Village

Is where retail and culinary experiences come together to create magical memories

We have a special appreciation for handmade artisans and crafters who infuse their creations with a personal touch, setting them apart in the marketplace. But we’re not just looking for vendors to display their wares – we want them to actively engage visitors through on-site activities, customization options, and sampling opportunities. We believe in engaging “meet the maker” experiences, where guests can connect directly with the skilled artisans behind the products, fostering a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.

In the realm of culinary offerings, we’re seeking vendors who can elevate the dining experience with innovative cuisine and captivating presentations. We’re particularly interested in vendors who can showcase their dishes exhibition-style, offering guests a feast for the senses. Whether it’s through unique flavor combinations, imaginative plating techniques, or interactive food stations, we’re looking for vendors that will create shareable and lasting impressions.

If you’re ready to showcase your craftsmanship or culinary talents at Enchant and help us create unforgettable experiences for our guests, we’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned for our 2024 city options, to be announced soon!

Meet the Enchant team

They will guide you through the process to showcase your products and boost sales

✨ Victoria Wills

Vice President of Creative Operations

Victoria is a seasoned creative operations executive with over two decades of experience honing her skills in leading complex business dynamics. Having managed one of North America’s most globally awarded independent ad agencies, Rethink, Victoria has cultivated a reputation as a master of efficiency, order, and function in creative environments.

Driven by her passion for both product and people, Victoria joined Enchant with a mission to refine and elevate the Creative Studio. Her portfolio includes overseeing Storytelling, Design, Event Experience, and recently, Village Operations. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to growth, Victoria is dedicated to nurturing Enchant’s Retail and Culinary experiences through community engagement and creative initiatives.

Victoria is proudly part of a blended family, where her husband and tween stepson are always on adventure from local to abroad.  If not on an adventure, you can find Victoria in the garden or the kitchen, attempting her not-so-good impression of a home cook.

✨ Aurissa Parsons

National Manager of Culinary Experiences

Aurissa Parsons has been an entertainment and hospitality champion as an event planner, catering sales professional, and restaurant and event manager for over 28 years. What drives her is connecting people to unique experiences through touch, sight, hearing, smelling, and tasting, then seeing the smile that follows. She is a natural in the event and hospitality industry.

Her warm and enthusiastic personality, along with flawless precision and attention to detail over the past 3 years has helped contribute to Enchant’s customer satisfaction and vendor success. Her vision and passion for the mission that perfection is truly in the details have set a high mark in her commitment to excellence.

Her philosophy is simple: Building relationships is paramount. Aurissa believes in thorough detailed communication, listening, and being a vendor champion. If you know Aurissa, you’ll know her excitement for Enchant is contagious. She is sure to make you feel like part of the Enchant family and leaves you knowing that she desires to see you succeed while creating with you a world-class event and magical memories.

Aurissa is married with two teens. In her free time, she enjoys standup paddle boarding, quality family time and always looks for a reason to celebrate life and all its occasions, while remaining dedicated to serving her church, the public school system, and several local youth and charity organizations.

✨ Emily Sedgwick

National Manager of Retail Operations

From an early age, Emily was captivated by the world of retail. She found joy in wandering through stores, admiring displays, and engaging with customers. As she grew older, Emily’s passion for retail only intensified. She began her retail journey working for various companies, ranging from non-profits to renowned brands like Roots Canada and lululemon.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Emily eventually took the leap and opened her own brick-and-mortar retail store, complemented by an e-commerce platform. With a singular focus on providing an exceptional guest experience, fostering strong community partnerships, and prioritizing employee experience. Through thoughtful curation and personalized service, Emily’s store quickly became a beloved fixture in the community, attracting loyal customers both in person and online.

As the National Retail Operations Manager, Emily brings her wealth of retail experience to the forefront, drawing from her extensive background in guest experience, merchandising, marketing, and community partnerships. Each experience taught her valuable lessons about the intricacies of running a successful retail operation. She is particularly excited to apply her expertise in enhancing the retail experience for Enchant visitors and looks forward to working in partnership with the village vendors.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Emily enjoys spending time with her family. Whether exploring the natural wonders of Utah, embarking on adventures abroad, or simply enjoying a round of golf, she cherishes every moment. A devoted sports fan, Emily can often be found cheering on her favorite teams.

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