The Story Behind The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze

“Each of Enchant’s light mazes are based on original stories our team of creators dreams up in the Enchant workshop. Inspired by magic and the hope of bringing wonder and happiness to the lives of those who enter our experiences, we develop worlds in which Christmas must be saved, and YOU, a guest of Enchant, are uniquely positioned to do just that.

In The Great Search, you will be responsible for finding all of Santa’s reindeer after a big storm set them loose from the barn!

Enjoy the story, and complete the mission during your visit to Enchant.”

The Great Search

It was Christmastime at Enchant. The elves, of course, had just finished a joyful day of toy-making. But as the day was drawing to a close, a deep-down rumble echoed out across the sky. You could barely hear it if you were listening for it, and certainly not if you weren’t… but it was there. A storm was brewing.

It was only young Eddie the Elf who found himself out and about in search of a great adventure. Before long, he came upon the Reindeer Stables, braced himself against the wind, and slowly but surely, creaked open the massive, barn-red doors. To his delight, staring back at him was none other than his best reindeer pal, Sparky. Together, hand-in-hoof, they sped off to find the adventure Eddie had been longing for.

That was until, in a flash, the sky darkened a rocky, wrathful gray. Eddie, Sparky, and the rest of the villagers scurried home, shutting their doors, lighting their candles, and settling in for a long, windy night.

The next morning, the Enchant Village was a snowy sight to behold. Toboggans, sleigh bells, snowballs, and snowmen… but there wasn’t a single reindeer to be found. Santa rushed to the stables, only to find the doors blown wide open, and the whole place… entirely empty.

Eddie told Santa what had happened the night before, that he may have left the doors open… but it was already too late. The other reindeer had gotten scared and wandered off in the middle of the snowstorm. There was no way the villagers of Enchant could find them in time to save Christmas — the North Pole was simply too big…

Unless, of course, they had some help.

The Great Search