The Story Behind The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze

“Each of Enchant’s light mazes are based on original stories our team of creators dreams up in the Enchant workshop. Inspired by magic and the hope of bringing wonder and happiness to the lives of those who enter our experiences, we develop worlds in which Christmas must be saved, and YOU, a guest of Enchant, are uniquely positioned to do just that.

In this special story, you will be responsible for searching for the missing fragments of Santa’s Magic Timepiece, the key ingredient to Santa’s magical journey around the earth visiting each and every household.

Enjoy the story, and complete the mission during your visit to Enchant.”

Santa's Magic Timepiece

High on a shelf, in the corner of Santa’s workshop, sits a magnificent piece of magic — a clock-like device, made from fragments of eight brilliant stars from all across the night sky. It’s been with Santa since the very first Christmas, and allows him to control the passing of time in order to deliver gifts to children all around the world.

That device, of course, is Santa’s Magic Timepiece.

One cold, December evening, Humphrey the Head Elf paced back and forth, wishing for just a little while longer to finish making all the toys… children around the world had been so good that it was getting hard to keep up. It was then that Humphrey spotted Santa’s Magic Timepiece, sitting on its shelf, high above the workshop. If he could get his hands on it, he knew he could stretch out time just enough to finish every last toy.

Without a second thought, he reached up on his tippy-toes to grab it… when the Timepiece fell, shattering on the ground, and sending the eight star fragments scattering far and wide, all across the world.

Travel to the ends of the Earth to find all eight star fragments from Santa’s Magic Timepiece, and return them to Enchant in time to save Christmas.

Santa's Magic Timepiece