The Story Behind The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze

“Each of Enchant’s light mazes are based on original stories our team of creators dreams up in the Enchant workshop. Inspired by magic and the hope of bringing wonder and happiness to the lives of those who enter our experiences, we develop worlds in which Christmas must be saved, and YOU, a guest of Enchant, are uniquely positioned to do just that.

In Reindeer Games, you will be responsible for searching for the missing bells the reindeer require to fly Santa’s sleigh!

Enjoy the story, and complete the mission during your visit to Enchant.”

Reindeer Games

When people think of Christmas animals, they think of Santa’s reindeer… but the Enchant Forest is home to many more wondrous and amazing creatures.

One chilly, December evening, the forest animals wondered what it would be like to fly the sleigh. Everyone knew that it was the sleigh bells that helped the reindeer harness the magic of Enchant Energy — if they could convince the reindeer to lend them the sleigh bells, they too could feel the joy of taking Santa on a flight. And they wondered… would he even notice?

They quickly hatched a plan with the reindeer. Each of the forest animals donned a sleigh bell harness, and with Santa in the pilot’s seat, they took off into the night sky. They flew up and down, side to side, and all over Enchant, having the time of their lives. The reindeer were rolling around in stitches, and Santa had never been jollier.

At the end of the evening, everyone returned home — thoroughly exhausted. Only in the morning did Santa realize that, in all the excitement and commotion, the forest animals had forgotten to return the bells.

The reindeer looked all over, but knew they would never be able to search all of Enchant in time. Christmas needs your help — journey to Enchant to help find the sleigh bells, and return them to the reindeer in time for them to take off on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer Games