A Night to Salute our Troops

We honored and showed our appreciation to all Military personnel for their service.

Thank you for your service

Enchant hosted a respectful salute and performance on the holiday stage in support of our troops.

We invited Military members and their families for this special tribute.

USO Partnership

We were honored to partner with USO both nationally and locally in all Enchant markets. For every ticket sold on Military Night, Enchant donated $1 to each local USO to help provide individualized support to our service members every day.
You can support USO too

We Owe a Special Thank You to Our Theme Night Partners

Kansas City, KS

✨ Color Guard

✨ Navy Recruiting Office


Las Vegas, NV


✨ For 2023 edition, we partnered with the Vegas Veterans Hockey Foundation, a local non-profit organization that serves to bring military veterans, their families, and the Vegas community together through the game of hockey. On December 7, VVHF players participated in on-ice play at Enchant’s ice skating trail.

It’s important to mention that VVHF provides a safe and supportive environment that attempts to recreate the bond and camaraderie that so many military members miss once leaving military service. The positive environment fostered by the Foundation can be therapeutic both physically and mentally.

VVHF’s efforts also expand off the ice. Partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits allow opportunities to host fundraisers, events and donation drives to directly benefit Las Vegas and give members and their families the opportunity to give back. VVHF strives to provide members with experiences that develop them as model veterans and leaders in the community.

Milwaukee, WI

✨ Color Guard

✨ Marines

✨ Milwaukee Concert Band

✨ Milwaukee Military Veterans Support Group

✨ Next18

✨ Toys for Tots

✨ UW Milwaukee


✨ VetTix

San Jose, CA

✨ AlphaLit

✨ Tanika, who performed the National Anthem.


Scottsdale, AZ


St Petersburg, FL

✨ Hollin HG

✨ Toys For Toys


Washington, DC

✨ National Guard

✨ Toys for Tots


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