Behind the Scenes

Crafting Enchant's World with Christina Ostner

We want you to meet Christina Ostner, our talented HQ Decor Assistant, who is part of the creative force behind Enchant’s spaces and activations.

With a background in technical theater design and event management, Christina has breathed life into the magical world of Enchant alongside other collaborators like Sara Carolan-Rodriguez, our Production Decor Manager, and Kim Scott, our Vice President of Experience.

For Christina, “what sets Enchant apart is not just the dazzling light maze and charming village; it’s an immersive experience curated with love and attention to detail”.

From costumes to lighting, sound, set design, and puppetry, Christina’s passion for prop and character creation is limitless.Thanks to her magic, you’ll step into your very own personalized maze. For example, Maze Guardians will provide a brief introduction before entering the maze, so you can learn about the sculptures’ story, and Ice Guardians will unfold the tale of how they created the ice-skating trail, drawing you deeper into the magic of Christmas.

As you visit Enchant, make sure to interact with the characters! There are many special corners to explore, such as Santa’s Landing, where Santa’s Guardians will approach you while you’re waiting to capture a memorable picture with Saint Nick. These characters will reveal their vital responsibilities in ensuring the reindeer are in top form, ready to pull the sleigh. They’ll also show you this year’s exciting addition – Sparkles, an adorable new baby reindeer eager to meet our visitors. Here are some pictures from Sparkles’ creation process:

In the world crafted by Christina Ostner and our team, the magic is not limited to the lights alone; it’s in the stories, characters, and interactions that make Enchant a truly unforgettable holiday destination.

Come and let us transport you to a world where imagination knows no bounds.