Culturally enriched experiences provided by the SRPMIC

The collaboration between Enchant Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) marked a significant milestone in cultural integration and community engagement. On the inaugural night of Enchant Christmas Scottsdale, SRPMIC initiated the festivities by bestowing a traditional blessing on the land, accompanied by vibrant songs and dances that celebrated their rich heritage.

A particularly noteworthy event was the Community Night on November 30th, where SRPMIC demonstrated unwavering support by bringing community leaders to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. This strong partnership underscored a commitment to inclusivity, as SRPMIC leaders extended a warm welcome to guests, enhancing the overall Enchant experience.

The integration of SRPMIC’s cultural elements within Enchant became a shining example of respect and inclusivity. This collaborative effort not only paid homage to the ancestral land but also demonstrated a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of SRPMIC. The success of the inaugural Community Night was evident through the enthusiastic reception it received, with the SRPMIC President personally expressing the Enchant team a compliment via phone call, highlighting the positive feedback from the community.

This positive reception lays a solid foundation for the strengthening of ties between Enchant and SRPMIC, paving the way for future collaborations and mutually beneficial opportunities.

The community’s endorsement, coupled with dozens of Instagram Story postings during the 11/30 Community Night in Scottsdale, reflects the genuine enthusiasm and engagement generated by this culturally enriched event.

Notably, we’re proud to mention the attendance of Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, adding a distinguished presence to this memorable evening. For further details, you can read more here: Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Speaks at Salt River Shares 2024 | O’odham Action News.

Michelle Leyva (Enchant’s V.P. of Marketing & Digital), Kate Gallego (Mayor of Phoenix), and Kevin Johnston (Founder and CEO of Enchant).


Michelle Leyva and the Governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs.


Katie Hobbs, Governor of Arizona.