Holiday Decorating Tips

One of the best ways to get yourself in the holiday mood is decorating your home with as many Christmas decorations as possible! To make your home the perfect Christmas paradise, we've put together a few tips to help make the magic come to life:

Get an Advent Calendar
Nothing gets the family more excited to count down the days until Christmas than a 25-day advent calendar! Put little goodies in each day, like candy, love notes, gift cards, or even tickets to Enchant Christmas!

Use Two-Color Combos
Mix two colors in your home decor to create the ultimate holiday mood. Our favorites? Red and green for classic, blue and white or blue and gold for a more modern approach!

Make Homemade Tree Decorations
Put a personal spin on your Christmas tree with handmade ornaments that hold special memories. Where can you start making them? Come to Enchant and find out!

Decorate With Sweets
Come on, who doesn't love Christmas candy? Hide candy canes, gumdrops, gingerbread men and more around the house to make delicious little surprises for the family.

Come Visit The Enchant Market!
At the Enchant Market, we have tons of gorgeous Christmas medallions and decorations made by local artisanal vendors perfect for you to take home after a visit to Enchant!