Enchant's Favorite Christmas Movies

Every year when the holidays roll around, there’s an endless amount of favorite activities to be had. Sledding, skiing, gift-giving, or snowman-making, the fun never ends! A simple, yet effective activity that many of us at Enchant love more than anything is just having a cozy night in, wrapped up in blankets and watching a Christmas movie with our best buds. Here’s a list of Enchant’s Favourite Christmas movies!

White Christmas

What are you dreaming of? This magical musical starring Bing Crosby is a classic favourite, featuring gorgeous songs, funny moments and a feel-good ending. 

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Who doesn’t know this story? These super cute puppets expand the timeless holiday song with the adventures of Rudolph, Hermey the elf and Yukon Cornelius. Long live the Island of Misfit Toys!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Good grief! The Peanuts crew get together to help Charlie Brown discover the true meaning of Christmas, featuring beautiful vintage tunes that you can’t help but love. Also Snoopy is just the best. 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

There’s several movie versions of this Dr. Seuss story, but at Enchant, we love the original from 1966. Relive this well-known tale of the titular Grinch who hates a certain holiday and the Whos, and how his heart manages to grow three sizes larger by the end of it.  

The Family Stone

Okay hear us out on this one! Not many know about this hilarious family holiday flick, but with legends like Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker, who can resist? When the uptight Meredith decides to spend the holidays with her boyfriend’s rambunctious family, things go the way nobody expects. Try this movie if you want something funny, heartwarming, and a little different!