Donation Requests

As the Holiday Season approaches, the global situation surrounding COVID-19 remains uncertain.

Doing our part to keep everyone safe and healthy through these unprecedented times is our utmost priority. As the Summer goes on, we will continue to observe closely, and listen diligently. We look forward to keeping you posted as we finalize decisions later in the season. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on our latest plans, and to join us for some exciting new opportunities we have in the works.

Thank you for thinking of Enchant when planning for your upcoming event.

Enchant Christmas is centered around positively impacting the communities we operate within. Please fill out the request form below so our team can mindfully consider ways that we can be generous with our event.  One of our staff will be in touch soon.

We support many US non-profit and charitable organizations by donating tickets for inclusion in raffles, silent auctions or similar events. If you have a charity event or fundraiser coming up (a minimum of 30 days away) and your focus is supporting children, youth, or marginalized people groups and their families, please fill out our donation request form.

As you might imagine, Enchant tickets are popular event gifts and we receive quite a few requests. We’d love to donate to each and every organization that requests a donation, but even if we’re not able to, we are committed to responding to all requests.

You’ll receive a reply by email to your donation request a minimum of three weeks before your event, so please make sure you enter a valid email address and phone number where we can reach you.

Thank you again for thinking of us, we wish you the very best for a successful event!